``Empowering Strong, Diverse, Authentic Women Leaders``

The Women’s Leadership Institute’s first objective is to harness the power to lead  women in the law. Women leaders from all backgrounds, all perspectives, all parts of the political spectrum are a profound force who increase the competency and capability of the American justice system. Our objectives are personal growth, knowledge, and providing the necessary tools to succeed and conquer in all sort of roles. We exist solely based on the generosity of those who seek to promote women into powerful leadership positions.

We are currently seeking a new venue and dates for the Women’s Leadership Institute Conference 2023 – check back soon!

Thank you sponsors!

The Women’s Leadership Institute does not operate to generate wealth for us in any way, it is designed to promote women world-wide. If you would like to either make a donation or become a sponsor, we’d love to hear from you.

2024 Women's Leadership Institute Opportunities

We are looking to 2024 to restart the Women’s Leadership Institute given the hiatus of the last three years. Our mission continues to focus on promoting women attorneys (or aspiring women attorneys) to run for elected positions of prosecutor or judge by building their capacity and giving them the tools to run for political office or obtain a political appointment while maintaining the highest ethical standards required in every state. The Institute will also harness their ability to lead with integrity and authenticity. There is limited seating, so make sure to reserve your spot soon in order to take advantage of this life-changing conference. The Women’s Leadership Institute is not a money-making venture and exists based on the generosity of those willing to support women leaders with their time, resources, and commitment.

Part of growth is sharing. If you are strong minded and have opinions, we want to hear from you.

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”
– Anne Sweeney, former co-chair of Disney Media

``This is the summit of high-level women leaders we’ve been waiting for, featuring district attorneys and judges who’ve earned their spot at the top and want to help more women join their ranks. Set to kick off in our nation’s capital, this program will be a fantastic educational and networking opportunity featuring crucial leadership lessons that will empower all of us, present and future women leaders.``

– Judge Amy Hanley